Lady Donli ‘Pan African Rock star’

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She is the new pride of Nigeria. Lady Donli is considered as one of the most promising artists of the Nigerian new wave. Proudly presented to you, since her debuts, in the Lab (read our articles: Lady Donli, la nouvelle vague nigériane // Lady Donli: nouveau clip, it’s all about the money!), Lady Donli is gradually making her way to the top and getting the global appreciation she deserves. At only 23 years old, the electric Neo-Soul singer-songwriter is ready and determined to rock the festival LA ISLA 2068 on Saturday 11th May, at the château de Labourdonnais. The singer answered La Isla's questions before boarding the plane to Mauritius!    

- Why the name ‘Lady Donli’? 

"Donli is actually my last name. My full name is Zainab Donli. My dad always called me “Lady” when I was young, so that’s where it came from."

- Your music style in one sentence.

"Pan African Rock star."

- La Isla 2068?

"I am so excited; I can’t wait to get there this week. It’s a new audience, a location I didn’t think I’d be performing at in 2019 for sure."

- Despite your young age, you have performed in many countries already. What’s your best memory so far?

"My best memory was from headlining my own show in Toronto. We didn’t do a lot of promotion and we didn’t even have that much time to put it together but a lot of people came out to the show. It really gave me new energy, to see that my music had much impact on me."

- Your biggest source of inspiration? 

"I am really just inspired by what is around me: my family, my peers, or nature. Just living everyday inspires me."

- When releasing ‘Cash’, there was a trending hashtag: #IAmAddictedToCash. What else are you addicted to?

"Give me some cash and maybe I’ll tell you." (Laughs)

- Recently, you’ve released ‘Classic’, rather discreetly compared to ‘Cash’. What are your thoughts on this new song? A future hit?

"I released “Classic” in December. In Nigeria, December is the busiest time of the year for an artist, you’re focused on doing shows and festivals and basically helping people celebrate, so for me, ‘Classic’ was really just an end of the year gift to my fans, and ‘Cash’ is the first single off my upcoming album titled ‘Enjoy Your Life’."

- The festival is happening soon. What can the public expect from you? What will you propose for your show?

"I am very excited and inspired. Expect a great performance and experience from me. I am coming with merchandise, I am coming to interact with the audience and really just make the best of the opportunity." 

Listen to ‘Classic’ by Lady Donli & Kida Kudz:

Pour ne rien rater de l’actu et des infos du festival, restez connecté sur Le Lab! Gardez le contact et accédez à la page de l'évènement sur Facebook. Les tickets sont actuellement en vente au tarif de Rs800 sur notre billetterie en ligne (jusqu'au jeudi 09 mai à 23h). Puis, seront disponibles dans les points de vente: les boutiques 20/Vin, Le Workshop (Beau Plan), Le Rendez-Vous (La Croisette) et La Terrasse de Labourdonnais. A la porte l'entrée sera à Rs1000.

LA ISLA 2068 est un festival de musique nouvelles tendances, aux initiatives sociales et éducatives, imaginé par La isla social club avec le soutien majeur des hôtels Attitude, en partenariat avec le Château de Labourdonnais, et avec le support de: Sofap, South African Airways, Kreola, Grays Inc. (Jack Daniel's, Carlsberg, Hendrick's, 20/Vin), Les Tipis de Mare Longue, Omnibox, La Distillerie de Labourdonnais, Wheel and Barrow, The Kreol Republic et La Table du château.

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